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Create your business list directly from Google My Business Directory for Locust Grove in Independence county of Arkansas or any where world wide and never pay for a list again.

EasyExcelAutomation.com has the solution with our the Business List Directory Scraper Tool.

We are EasyExcelAutomation.com and we provide Easy Excel Software solutions for businesses to automate their data management and processing. Our product helps a variety of industries such as: accountants, property management companies, real estate agents, investors, digital marketing companies and etc.

We created the Google Business List-Maker Tool first and formost for our own use. To add more contact to our database.

Our Google Business list-maker has helped many business and marketing companies to save thousands of dollars by not buying business listing from list companies.

Here is a how a business can get posted by Google and it can help you to obtain their information:

What type of Data would you get using our Business List Directory Tool?

In order for a local business to post their profile on Google. The business must provide their contact and necessary information Google need to create their profile online. After the online process is completed, Google then, sends a letter with the “Google Business Activation Code” to the physical address provided by the business entity to Google. After the full verification is completed than Google will post the business location in it’s proper category for public access.

Our Google Business list-maker will help you to organize your search by Zip code, City, County or State and the type of the businesses you are looking for.

Google does not charge for the list, your only investment would be to use our tool for one year for a nominal feel of $150. We also give you full support and answer any questions you might have.

Here is a list of items you will get when you purchase our “Google Business List Maker Tool”:

Tool 1 – Google Places Results (Excel VBA) )
Tool 2 – Google Places Results + Email Grabber Results File Merger (Excel VBA). )
Tool 3 – State, County & Zip Code Quick Keyword Generator (Excel File) )

Your search could be very specific using Zip codes, Cities, County, and States.

For example, you could search and extract a list for Probate Lawyers in the City of Locust Grove or County of Independence in the state of Arkansas or even Zip code [Zip].

Please watch the video posted on the product page.

Google Business List Maker Tool NEW

If you want to add email addresses to your lists, purchase the EmailGrabber from EmailGrabber.net. Please make sure you are not buying a copy of Email Grabber from any link other than the page shown below.

Please feel free to contact us at 909-315-5330 during the business hours or email [email protected] with any questions about this product or any other project ideas you have that we could automate them for you. Our programming hourly rate is $45 and most projects only take a few hours to create them.