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FREE – Successorsdata Ownership Correction & Duplicate Removal Tool



FREE – SuccessorsData Ownership Correction & Duplicate Removal Tool

FREE– Easy solution to save time and money!

We created this tool for SuccessorsData.com subscribers to perform two functions.

At SuccessorsData.com, inheritance property records can include up to 10 properties per estate. Since it is a good practice to write only one letter or postcard to the heirs at any given time, we offer this tool to remove multiple mailing addresses. It also corrects the owner’s name. As you can see in the image below, it is common for most real estate data providers to format the name in the following order. While it might be a common practice for the data provider, it does not display properly for use in correspondence and for mailing labels.

So we built this tool to reformat the ownership name as seen on the example below.

The other reason we made this tool available on EasyExcelAutomation.com is to make it faster and easier for you to reach your prospects in a more personalized way.

Excel VBA tools are easy solutions for data processing, extracting and data mining.

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