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Google Business List Maker Tool NEW




Google Business List Maker Tool is designed to help you add more contact info to your lists of prospects. Increase your market reach. Offer your services to more people worldwide.

This tool comes in a package of 3 files to download. 

  • Tool 1 – Google Places Results (Excel VBA)
  • Tool 2 – Google Places Results + Email Grabber Results File Merger (Excel VBA)
  • State, County & Zip Code Quick Keyword Generator (Excel File)

If you want to add email addresses to your lists, purchase the EmailGrabber from EmailGrabber.net.  Please make sure you are not buying a copy of Email Grabber from any link other than the page shown below.

Here is another tool to give your business a boost!

After you create your list and want to reach your prospects by phone, use our IQDialer. Upload your list of contacts to IQDial.com to create a phone campaign. IQDialer will dial the number automatically, and when the prospect answers the phone, it passes the call to you to talk.

IQDial is being used successfully by businesses to keep in touch with clients. Upload your list and create a pre-recorded message such as:

“Hi this is …., just wanted to touch base with you and see if you have any need for ….. Remember, I am only one phone call away and as always, love your referrals. Thanks … .

When you get a live answer, you can speak to the client.

When you get a voice recording, with one click the system will wait to leave that voice mail message for you, but you are already on the next call.

IQDial saves time, and helps you keep in touch with your client base.

Please watch this video on www.IQDial.com


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