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Mail Merge Your Letter/PostCards with Property Images from Google.




Mail Merge Your Letter/Post Cards with Property Images from Google.

The waiting is OVER! Many of you have asked if we could come up with a way to send prospecting letters with images of the property in question. Up to now, we have offered the Google Image and Map Grabber tool.

But, as usual, we SOLVED THE PROBLEM and created a tool that can be used to create postcards and images of the prospect’s property on your letterhead.

We spent a lot of time researching the least expensive way to generate fantastic full-color letters using HP printers.

Click to watch the video to see how the Image Grabber & Mail-Merge Letter tool works.

Please watch this video to learn how to Get Google API Code

Get creative to make your prospecting letters stand out! For just 4 cents each, print as many pictures and graphics that you want on a page.

Here’s the secret:

Buy an HP Printer. I found HP Printer Model HP8720 at a great price. It’s listed for $199.99, but I bought it at Costco for only $130.00.


You can also save up to 50% on ink:

  1. Sign up for HP Instant Ink. Just in case you have any questions, here is their direct phone number (855) 785-2777.
  2. HP Instant Ink will ship the ink before you run out (shipping is included in your service).

There are no commitments or contracts. Change or cancel plans anytime and when you try HP Instant Ink using the link below, you will get a free month of service.

Your promotional code from HP is hwFdd

Use the link below:




Here is my invoice after printing over 5,509 full-color letters (examples posted below) for only $209, which comes out to approximately 4 cents each.

Please note how much text and graphics are on these letters. It costs approximately 4 cents to print, and after 3 months of service with HP Instant Ink, you will receive an email from HP allowing you to enroll into another Instant Ink Plan that will bring down your printing costs to approximately 3 cents to print a page.

If you are a Realtor, you can print full color flyers for only 4 cents each. Be sure to use the coupon code I have included.



Here is an example of a postcard with just an image of the property.

Use a double-window #10 envelope to stuff your letters. This will save you time and effort rather than printing your information on the envelopes.

Finally, here is one more tip. If you like to create a JPG image of your signature use this site.


Learn to use the “Snipping Tool” from MSFT Windows to copy and paste your signature on your letters. Remember, time is of the essence!

Also, for those MAC Lovers!  You can use this tool or any of our other tools with MAC, but you need to set up the Parallels Desktop Windows. Please watch this video.

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 Also, check out our other EasyExceltools! We can customize and create a tool to meet your unique requirements.

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