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Keyword Slicer – Remove Records with Certain Keywords!




Keyword Slicer – Remove Records with Certain Keywords!

Do you have a file that you want to remove certain records with certain keywords?

Now you can generate those files in seconds, and each file has the heading as well as giving you the results files such as.

If the original file name is


The result file will be:

  • NevadaList – 136 records – removed.xlsx
  • NevadaList – 2083 records – remained.xlsx

Here is why we developed this tool and how can it save you time and money?

For example, If you have a list of property records and you want to remove investor-owned properties from the ownership columns that have a phrase such as:

  • LLC,
  • Corporation
  • Investor
  • Investment
  • Holding
  • Living Trusts
  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage

What is more is that you can save the tool with the keywords for the next time. Your selection of the keywords will stay in the tool. You upload a file and as long as the columns are the same as you export the results with seconds.

You can save the tool with different file formats.

You can email the tool and share it with others.

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Need any help? Call us at 909-315-5330 or email [email protected].

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