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List Standardizer – Extract Mailing addresses from all your data.



List Standardizer – Mailing list extractor from multiple different data sources.

As you know we only make tools that many people ask for it. Here is a great tool that you can extract a set of information from multiple excel files with columns in different orders.

I was contacted by an investor and member of Successorsdata.com who said, “I have gathered about  20 excel files from different data sources each month. It is the most confusing process trying to sort these files out, could you give me a tool that would allow me to generate one mailing list from all the files I have. Also, be able to save the setting on each one of the files for the next month to exactly download the same file.” Here you are…this easy tool allows you to extract as many fields as you want from multiple files. Watch the video and buy the List, Standardizer Tool.