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Route Planner for GPS | Garmin




Route Planner for GPS | Garmin

You do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to companies to route your multiple destinations.

Buy this tool and add an account at Google to get the Longitude and Latitude to your destinations and our tool does it all.

You upload your file and select the column that has the address, City, State, and Zip and then GPS Tool connect to Google to add the necessary files that Garmin needs to map your data.

Upload your list to our software and it will map and prepare the file for you to upload into your Garmin GPS navigator.


Please watch this video.

Here are the step.

A. Create an account at Google.

B. Place the tool in a folder with your data to be mapped.

C. Open the tool and enable macros.

D. Add the API Key code from Google to the tool.

E. Upload your list to the tool.

F. Select the proper fields to identify the address fields.

G. Click to run the tool and it will generate the files into a folder.

H. Connect your Garmin navigation GPS to your computer.

I. Add the files to it and select to have it mapped.

The Garmin will take the files and split them to multiple route at it’s discretion, you can name the routes and there you are…start your route to drive!

If you have any questions. please call us at 909-315-5330.

Also, for those MAC Lovers!  You can use this tool or any of our other tools with MAC, but you need to set up the Parallels Desktop Windows. Please watch this video.

Need any help? Call us at 909-315-5330 or email [email protected]

 Also, check out our other EasyExceltools! We can customize and create a tool to meet your unique requirements.

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