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Google Map Image and Property Picture Grabber Tool




Adding photos to a list of properties could not get any easier.

Now, please watch this video to learn how to Get Google API Code


This tool is for you if you have a list of properties and you want to quickly add photos or map images to your data. You could have hundreds or even thousands of properties and this tool will do the job!

This tool uses Google Street View and is helpful when you want to look through a list of properties and get a brief visual or road map image.

For an added fee, we can customize this tool any way that would be helpful to you.

Suppose you want this tool to go to a specific website and capture a screen shot and append it. We can customize that!

If you have a list of properties and you want to add a column from the Assessor’s Office as shown below, we can add that!

The tool will go to the page you want, input the property address, and capture the data you want.

This would be the added column to your data….

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