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Redfin Scrubber Tool


R Scrubber Tool

This real estate tool saves you time and money in your prospecting efforts and gives you an edge on the competition!

Would you like to know which properties on your list are for sale, pending or sold as posted by Redfin? Along with the Redfin price estimates and many other property characteristics?

We created this tool because many of our SuccessorsData.com subscribers wanted to know which properties are for sale already so they wouldn’t need to contact new property heirs.
This tool will save you a fortune in time and money by constantly eliminating the properties that are for sale or sold.



If the property address is separated into multiple columns for example:

“Column A1” might be “133”, “Column B1” might be “N”,  “Column C1” “Bronco”, “Column D1” “Way”. You are able to put those values in the box in front of the Property Address field separated by “ ” as shown below. We did this because some of the data providers break down the street address columns in multiple columns.

We suggest you experiment with this tool using a small list of properties first to see how it works.

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